Metro Station 20 - Line 1Sofia, 2011

Design proposal for Station 20 of the Metro Line 1 in Sofia, Bulgaria. This project was submitted to the STATION 20 architecture competition, launched by the Sofia Municipality and the Directorate for Architecture and Urban Planning.

BETAPLAN was awarded Honorable Mention in this international competition with 130 international entries. The proposal included full architectural drawings at preliminary design stage. The site location of Station 20 is of particular significance, as its development will take place before the urban development of the area and will act as a pilot for the wider development of the non-urbanized zone between the two residential quarters of Druzhba.

The station will have a total floor area of 4,540 m2 while the Street Level Zone will have an area of 12,390 m2. The station is estimated to maintain a level of service with a maximum passenger flow of 7,000 passengers per hour and over 120,000 passengers per day at 5-minute intervals.