New Building for the Quality Control Laboratory of Boehringer IngelheimKoropi, Attica, Greece, 2015

Client: Boehringer Ingelheim Ellas A.E.

Cost Estimate: 4,500,000 €

The new Quality Control Laboratory Building will be erected next to the Company’s existing Main Building in Koropi of Peania, Attiki, with which it will be connected via a narrow bridge that serves exclusively as a channel for M&E installations. The new building will have a total floor area of approximately 1,780 m2 on 3 floors (Basement, Ground and First Floor) .

The Ground Floor will be primarily occupied by Laboratories and Quality Control, the 1st Floor as Offices and Conference Rooms, whilst M&E plant rooms and laboratory auxiliary spaces will be located in the Basement. The laboratory area is designed on a 1.15m modular grid, with which (in accordance with the pharmaceutical laboratory specialist consultant) an optimal arrangement of the workbenches and the circulation area around them can be achieved.

The same grid is applied to the facade design of the building. The facades will be cladded with terracotta tiles on a support metal frame, thus providing a ventilated façade. On all four facades of the building and at a short distance from the tile cladding, a system of ceramic vertical louvers, arranged in three graduating densities, will be installed in order to protect the windows from direct sunlight but also to achieve a consistency between the facades of the new and the existing building.