Children’s Hospitals of Athens «Saint Sophia» & «P. & A. Kyriakou»Athens, 2001-2018

1. Joint Hospital Development Plan (2001)
Client: DEPANOM (Public Enterprise for the Construction of Hospitals)
Project Budget: 8,436,654 €
Joint Development Plan for the two Children’s Hospitals of Athens, comprising a full survey of the existing situation, detailed review of the existing operational and building characteristics, and detailed development and joint operational proposals.  Also, preparation of the design and tender documents for the modernization of the old part of the Main Building of «Saint Sophia» Hospital.

2. Rearrangement, Upgrading & Extension of Departments - «Saint Sophia» Hospital (2004) Client: DEPANOM S.A. – J/V «GENER S.A. – ERETVO S.A. – DOMOTECHNIKI S.A.»
Architectural Design for the complete Rearrangement, Upgrading & Extension of the following Departments:
- 2 Medical Wards (1st Floor)
- Surgical Department (8 operating theaters)
- Outpatient Clinics
- Central Kitchen, including new modern Equipment
- New MEP Plant Building
- High Dependency Unit (8-bed capacity)

3. Rearrangement & Modernization of ICU - Hospital of «Saint Sophia» (2013)
Client: «Stavros Niarchos» Foundation (Donor)
Project Budget: 343,322 €
Architectural Design and Construction Supervision for the Rearrangement & Modernization of the ICU (10-bed capacity)

4. Rearrangement, Modernization & Upgrading of Departments - Hospitals of «Saint Sophia» & «P. & A. Kyriakou» - (2015-2018)
Client: OPAP S.A. (Donor)
Project Budget:
Architectural Design, Construction Supervision & Project Management for the Rearrangement, Modernization, Upgrading and Interior Decoration of the following Departments:

Hospital of «Saint Sophia»
- 2 Teaching Medical Wards (5th Floor)
- Neonatal Medical Ward (5th Floor)
- 2 Patient Wards and Connecting Corridor (2nd Floor)
- 2 Patient Wards (6th Floor)
- 2 Patient Wards (4th Floor)
- Outpatient Clinic (comprising 2 Operating Theaters)
- Two Central Circulation Cores
- Central Entrance of Hospital (1st Floor)

Hospital of «P. & A. Kyriakou»
- 3 Medical Wards in Wing A’ (2nd, 3rd & 4th Floors)
- Infectious Diseases Teaching Medical Ward (1st Floor)
- Central Circulation Core – Central Entrances of Hospital (Ground and 1st Floor)